CERMES (Centre for European Refugees, Migration and Ethnic Studies) is the first academic organisation on migration studies in Bulgaria with rich national and international experience. CERMES is specialized in the following research fields: migration, refugees, anti-traficking and ethnic studies; populism, post-democracy, far-right, youth extremism, radicalization; civic activism, mobilisations, citizenship; Internet and politics, haterism and activism in social media; urban policies, emergence of new public spaces, art and activism. We were founded in 2002 and were among the first scholars in Bulgaria to work in the field of migration and refugee studies at a national, European and international level. Our portfolio covers research, teaching and training, policy-oriented expertise, scholarly publications and civic activities. Our dynamic team of senior and junior researchers, with diverse and complementing backgrounds, is proud to offer a unique link between academia, migrants, decision makers and civil society. The CERMES research team has rich experience in political science studies on national and international level, EU projects, including FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020. Our researchers have contributed to multiple publications in Routledge, Springler, Palgrave: Macmillan, McGill, Brill, etc.